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Why should you call Kiel Construction, Inc.?  Where should I start?  Kiel Construction, Inc.  can help you to take the question out of remodeling and help you to turn your ideas into reality.  Kiel Construction, Inc.  walks you through the remodel process by listening to your ideas and turning them into a plan with an estimate and step by step process.  Below, are just some of the areas we specialze in.  Contact Kiel Construction, Inc. to learn more about our service area and expertise. 

Customized Remodeling


Kiel Construction, Inc. realizes that your home and needs are unique.  We strive to make your visions a reality.  Remodeling is a great way to stay in the area and add value to the home you're in.

Kitchens  & Bathrooms

Kiel Construction can help make your outdated Kitchens & Bathrooms new again adding value back into your home. Let Kiel Construction make your vision a reality. 

Windows and Doors


Kiel Construction Windows and Doors will replace those old drafty non efficient windows and doors with new.  We can meet at your home to help you select the right windows and doors.

Handyman Services 


Kiel Construction, Inc. is designed to take care of those smaller projects too.  From fixing a sticking door, to patching an area of drywall, we can take care of it for you.



If you have outgrown your home, we can work with you to add that extra space you need.  Whether it is a family room, garage or master suite, Kiel Constrution, Inc. will design and build a space that will work for you and your family.

New Construction


If you want to build a custom home, Kiel Construction, Inc. will help walk you through the process.  We will help you each step of the way and help to create the home you have always dreamed of.  

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